Peripherals and accessories for connecting smartphones and tablets to boat electronics and enhance the navigation experience.

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  • GPS Receivers

    External Bluetooth GPS for smartphones and tablets. Will provide true GPS positionning to wifi iPads, making them suitable for navigation. Convenient also when it is necessary to place the GPS antenna at a distance from the tablet, for better GPS signal.
    Modern chips provide very precise positionning, also for flying.
  • On-board Internet

    These device kits amplify the reception of wifi public or private hotspots to access the Internet at a distance, e.g. from a boat at anchor. Once connected to the Internet, the access is shared on a local wifi router which can be used with Mac/PC, tablets or smartphones, like on a home box.
  • Satcomms

    Send and receive email and weather files by satellite communications directly on your smartphone or tablet ! Very useful for long haul sailing or off-road & mountain trips.
    The Iridium Go is autonomous; the Optimizer needs a separate satellite handset.
  • NMEA-WiFi

    Send and receive NMEA instruments data on your iPad or tablet. These devices will plug into your NMEA network and send data over Wifi or Ethernet.
    Suitable for NMEA0183 and /or NMEA2000.
  • AIS

    See surrounding AIS traffic on your smartphone or tablet. Provides more comfort and security because AIS watch can be done from any part of the boat.
    AIS = Automatic Identification Service : helps to locate surrounding boats and to prevent collisions.
  • Wind sensors

    Wireless windmeters for smartphones and tablets.
  • Fishfinders

    Wireless depthmeters, fishfinders for smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android). Provide depth and water temperature measurements, and sea-bottom/fish detection.
  • Charging solutions

    Waterproof chargers and cables for smartphones and tablets for boating and outdoor : USB converters, solar chargers, power banks, special charging cables to never run out of battery on your device.
    Also NMEA2000 cables and T connectors.