About iTabNav

Today, we live intensely our outdoor activities thanks to the new technologies:

-Thanks to the GPS, we can know at all times where we are and where we are going, how fast, etc...

-Thanks to wireless and 3G networks, we can easily communicate with loved ones and share experiences on social networks

-We can also easily keep track of our "exploits": GPS trace, photos, videos, and measure our progressions

For many outdoor sports, there are already dedicated equipment filling some of these features. But smartphones and tablets are particularly well equipped to be our companions to adventure. They have superb displays, great ergonomics, a good battery life, and above all a myriad of applications developed by sport enthusiasts!

Of course these valuable devices were not intended to withstand shocks, splashes, rain, dirt that may be encountered in outdoor activities. We must therefore protect them before use. They must also be securely fastened and completed by appropriate electronic accessories when necessary.

iTabNav is dedicated to facilitate the use of tablets and smartphones outdoors or in hostile environments, through advice and the sale of appropriate accessories.

The iTabNav.fr and iTabNav.com websites are edited by Art Tendre Technologies, a small company of enthusiasts which started its activity in boating, being pioneer in marine navigation with iPad (formerly ipadnav.fr).


Using a tablet or a smartphone as land, sea or air navigation aid must be made with the basic precautions of any advised practitioner. Although these devices have often impressive reliability and accuracy, it is necessary to remain vigilant and check as often as necessary the relevance of the information they provide by confronting them with common sense and observation of the environment.