See surrounding AIS traffic on your smartphone or tablet. Provides more comfort and security because AIS watch can be done from any part of the boat.
AIS = Automatic Identification Service : helps to locate surrounding boats and to prevent collisions.

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  • 795,00 €

    AIS transponder with integrated wifi, for use with a tablet, smartphone or PC HF-AIS technology for better detectionEasy setup from a mobile phone

    795,00 €
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  • All-in-one fully featured AIS transponder Comes equipped with own antenna, and can be plugged in USB charger. No installation required

    Normally less than 1 week delay (please check with us)
  • 5.0 / 5

    A Swiss-army knife for your boat : AIS transponder + NMEA0183/2000 adapter + GPS + Wifi inside !Allows to retrieve most NMEA data on an iPad for navigation nd AIS monitoring !

    Normally less than 1 week delay (please check with us)
  • 700,00 €

    This device has all the features of XB8000, apart from wifi.  Useful if you already have a Wifi multiplexer on board like Miniplex-3wi-N2K !

    700,00 €
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  • 274,17 €

    Zero-loss splitter for any type of AIS transponder, specially designed by Vesper Marine for their XB6000/8000 transponders

    274,17 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items