Charging solutions

Waterproof chargers and cables for smartphones and tablets for boating and outdoor : USB converters, solar chargers, power banks, special charging cables to never run out of battery on your device.
Also NMEA2000 cables and T connectors.

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  • Sockets
    Charging solutions for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets for boating and outdoor : waterproof converters from 12V to USB, cigar lighter adapters, waterproof solar panels, waterproof power banks..
  • Cables

    Waterproof charging cables for iPhone, iPad for boating and outdoor. Allows to keep the device fully charged while outside.
    Also cigar lighter adapters and NMEA2000 cables
  • Mobile Power

    Power Banks, converters, solar panels enabling charging in mobility

  • Car Cradles

    Car Cradles for tablets. Enable waterproof charging of iPads in aiShell cases, while no wire is attached to the case. 100% freedom, 100% waterproof !