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  • Brackets

    Quick-release "snappers" enabling to instantly fix/disengage your smartphone or tablet from its mount with only one hand
  • Arms

    Articulated arms to rotate your tablet/smartphone at 360° angle, thus providing the best viewing angle
    Made of marine grade metal and elastomer, very solid and durable
  • Suction cups

    Twist-lock suction cups for extremely powerful mounting of smartphones and tablets on any smooth non porous surface (like a boat's gel coat)
    Exist in one, two or three suction cup design, providing increasing hold.
    Single suction cup is enough for 8" tablets like iPad mini. We recommend double or triple suction cups for bigger tablets
  • Tube mounts

    Tube mounts for smartphones and tablets, or any device that can mount on a Ram-B ball
    Usually these parts are connected to an articulated arm
    Can accomodate various tube diameters (see products descriptions)
  • Hand-, Shoulderstraps

    Rear handles and neck- or shoulder straps for easier carrying of tablets
    The rear handle is convenient for a better grip, and can help to attach a securing line if necessary
    The neck strap is convenient whenever it is need to free the hands of the user
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  • 37,90 €

    Powerful suction cup base to attach various RAM accessories

    37,90 €
    In stock
  • 49,00 €

    Special clip for Andres' iPad Case "Quicksnapper"

    49,00 €
    Out of stock
  • 31,90 €

    Short length arm with 2 round bases Very strong Can be oriented at 360°

    31,90 €
    In stock
  • 48,90 €

    Triple suction cup base for RAM accessories

    48,90 €
    In stock
  • 25,00 €

    Mounting bracket for Scanstrut's Lifedge iPad cases

    25,00 €
    In stock
  • 35,20 €

    Mid-length arm with 2 round bases    

    35,20 €
    In stock
  • 26,90 €

    Collar clamp mount   for fixing the iPad on a pole or a handrail   No drilling

    26,90 €
    In stock
  • 33,90 €

    Long arm (middle piece only)

    33,90 €
    In stock
  • 38,80 €

    Universal cradle for iPad 1, 2, 3 and 4, Tablet PC, UMPC Can accommodate the iPad alone or with a thin protective case (see max dimensions)   Compatible with RAM mounting system

    38,80 €
    In stock
  • 36,00 €

    Handstrap for Andres' iPad Case

    36,00 €
    In stock
  • 31,43 € 44,90 € -30%

    Floating accessory for Lifedge iPhone and iPad cases

    31,43 € 44,90 € -30%
    Reduced price!
    In stock
  • 40,80 €

    Universal cradle for iPad Air and compatible tablets* Can accommodate the iPad alone or with a very thin protective skin (see max dimensions)   Compatible with RAM mounting system

    40,80 €
    In stock
Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items