aiShell waterproof cases


 The aiShell cases are a family of 1st-class rugged waterproof cases for iPads. Originally designed for professionals and heavy users, they have been fully proven as the best cases for demanding leisure activities like sailing, quad, all-road driving etc..



Among other features, they can be mounted on brackets for instant fix and release, allow continuous charging in wet environment with a waterproof cable or in a Car Cradle, and can be equipped with sunshades.


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  • 190,83 €

    iPad mounting and charging cradle Allows for waterproof and wireless charging of aiShell 8, aiShell 10.9, aiShell 11 and aiShell 12 cases. Reinforced cable and new USB-C connector for easy installation.

    190,83 €
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  • 68,33 €

    Quick-release clip for aiShell 10.9 waterproof shell :  Fast, reliable attachment Highly durable Allows you to attach and detach the iPad with one hand

    68,33 €
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  • 60,00 €

    Sunshade for aiShell 9.7 waterproof cases Eliminates reflections Enhaces visibility under sunlight Protectes the iPad screen

    60,00 €
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Showing 25 - 27 of 27 items