aiShell Air screen replacement kit


Ultraclear film + sealing gasket for Andres' aiShell Air waterproof case


For retrofit or to replace a scratched screen

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24,17 €

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Content : new seal + new film


Operation (to be followed carefully) :

- make the following test to determine the correct side of the new film : place the new film (without the adhesive seal) on the iPad screen, and slide it while pressing gently. If it sticks, it's the wrong side. If it slides easily, it's the right side that needs to be put in contact with the iPad glass screen.

- open the case

- pull-out the old film (grab from a corner)

- take-out the old adhesive seal (grab from a corner)

- take-out the white cover of the new seal and place the new seal carefully in the case

- take-out the red cover and place the new film. Make sure to place it with the non-adhesive side facing upwards (i.e. will be in contact with iPad when the case is used). Make also sure hat the new film covers well the seal

- remove bubbles when exist

- close the case and test it empty for 2 min underwater to check if it is waterproof