Sonarphone SP200


Wifi fishfinder for smartphones and tablets

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Can be integrated with Navionics app

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This autonomous depthmeter/fishfinder requires only a 12V supply to operate. The black box serves as a wifi access point for a smartphone or tablet. Multiple client connections are possible

Access to the unit is done through the free Sonarphone application available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android.
The Sonarphone application enables:
-manual or automatic settings of gain, depth range, units (m, Ft, ° C etc)
-a shallow alarm, with sound alert
-compensation of the effects of surface
-different renderings of sea bottom and the presence of fish, with a zoom mode.
-display of water temperature

Even more interesting, Sonarphone is compatible with the popular Navionics Boating app, and allows:
-a split screen view on smartphone or tablet, with both the navigation chart and sea bottom
-to automatically record and download depth measurements to feed the Navionics Sonarcharts database, sharing data with all users!

navionics sonarphone

Navionics boating in split screen chart + sea bottom

The probe is mounted on the transom and is connected to the central unit with a 7.5m cable. It operates at two frequencies:
-a wide beam (40 °) at 83 kHz
-a narrow beam (20 °) for greater depths at 200 kHz

Its streamlined shape reduces drag and turbulences.

As a special offer, 2 additional items are included in the package:
-a cigar lighter phone charger with dual USB outputs
-a neoprene armband case for smartphones

Product features:
-central unit T-Box dimensions: 10.5 x 8.5 x 4.5 cm
-probe: 6 x 4.5 x 2.5 cm
-probe to central unit cable length: 7.5 m
-depth range: 0.6-72 m
-dual beam 83 kHz and 200 kHz
-12V power supply
-On / Off button on CPU

Package content:
- T-Box wifi unit + probe + data cable
- 12V power cable
- Temporary offer: cigar lighter charger + armband for smartphone.