Sunshade for aiShell 11


Sunshade for aiShell 11 waterproof iPad case


  • For iPad Pro 11 and iPad Air 4 & 5
  • Enhances significatively outdoor readability
  • Helps save battery life by reducing iPad luminosity in outdoor

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Sunshade + protective cover !


New sun visors for the latest generation aiShell 11 waterproof cases by Andres Industries for the iPad Pro 11 (Gen 1, 2, 3) and the iPad Air 4 & 5.


ts new mounting system allows it to be adjusted at any angle. It serves as a sunshade on the outside to eliminate reflections on the screen, as a table support on the inside for comfortable positioning, and as a screen protection in the closed position. It can also be locked in any position by turning two rotary knobs.
Extremely robust design : the mounting brackets are secured to the housing with screws. It is therefore impossible for the visor to be detached by incident.


Main characteritics :

- for aiShell 11 waterproof cases only

- color : matt black

- material : UV resistant plastic